differentiate.JPGI read Differentiate or Die by Jack Trout years ago when it first came out. My second read, over the last few weeks, was better, more useful, than the first for me.

Accessible in language and themes, Differentiate or Die is relevant to businesses of all sizes. This is a book to keep close by. I especially like the discussion about the term Unique Selling Proposition – first introduces by Rosser Reeves in his 1960 book Reality in Advertising.   Understanding the term from its inception helps in our pursuit of this. Trout in this book explores the USP concept thoroughly and usefully presents many differentiating strategies.

Like any business, we strive to be different in our products and our services. Being competitive comes down to differentiating your offer from others with whom you compete – so much so that they are no longer the competition.

Besides differentiating our business, we strive, through our software, to provide our customers with tools which make it easier for them to differentiate their businesses.