We have made sure that marketing a retail business is easier with our software by loading our software with tools focused on driving sales from existing customers and helping the business win new customers. These tools include:

  • Coupons on receipts – to drive traffic. These can be general for the business or purchase specific.
  • Up-sell scripts – presented during the sale based on the items purchased.
  • Text messages on accounts. Making the account a billboard for the business.
  • Loyalty marketing – tracking points or other benefits based on customer purchases.
  • Tracking sales by employee – thereby enabling you to run an employee reward scheme to drive sales growth.
  • SMS marketing – based on customer details, what they have purchased.
  • Email marketing.
  • Direct mail – with the list created based on purchases.

While there are other marketing facilities in our POS software, those listed are the most popular for using the technology to drive a more successful business.

Smart retailers make marketing part of their business systems and their regular contact with customers. The result is bigger sales and, naturally, a healthier bottom line.