Point of Sale is a misstatement of what POS software is all about for good Point of Sale software takes you far away from the point of sale. Here are five things which good Point of Sale software offers the business beyond the register:

  • Stock management. From the wholesaler to your shelves, good point of sale software drives better stock outcomes for your business.
  • Staff management. By rostering within your software you can more easily balance the labour pool of the business.
  • Marketing. From SMS advice to customers when special orders arrive to messages on receipts to targeted email and other campaigns, good Point of sale sofwtare will help you drive better business outcomes.
  • Decision making. By tracking what sells with what, what is selling faster, what is selling slower, return on investment, return on floorspace and stock turn you are equipped with the measurements to drive better decisions.
  • Theft management. By understanding what is being stolen or when fraud is being committed – even when you are thousands of miles from the shop – you are empowered to take decisions necessary to protect your interests.

These are just five of the many ways good Point of Sale sofwtare will help a retail business beyond the register. It really comes down to business outcomes.

Tower Systems pro-actively engages with its user community to drive outcomes in these areas. Through our user meetings, face to face training sessions, online training sessions and advice sheets we guide, encourage and lead our users to achieve more. Our view is that the better our software is used in a retail business the better that business is an advertisement for us.