Thanks to an exclusive relationship, newsagents using our software now have access to generous trail commission on a product. We have negotiated this for our community of newsagent users to further enhance the value of our software and this product which is sold through our software.

Having more than 1,500 newsagents in our newsagent user community means that we are able to deliver a bigger footprint and mroe commercail value than any other single group representing newsagents.

We have negotiated this trail commission on the basis of no cut for us. This is an impoirtant factor in delivering value for our newsagent customers.

This relationship takes us beyond what is traditional for software companies. We respect that and take our role at the negotiating table very seriously. A good outcome further separates us from other software companies serving newsagents. No only because they cannot offer this product but also because it is another way we can practically show that our software is more financially rewarding than what they offer.

In today’s economic climate, delivering value beyond good software and good support is vital for software companies like us. With the cost of switching between systems so low, we need to prove ourselves at every opportunity.