The recent GST debate here and at the blog run by POS Solutions provides newsagents with an excellent opportunity to compare our two businesses.  Prospects can see for themselves our position on a common issue and how we navigate discussion on this.  If POS leaves its post up it will be a great help to our sales team.  If they remove it the post is still a great help because we have kept a copy as have others.

Standards are important when it comes to business software.  The handling of GST is not something to get wrong – in terms of how the software functions and in terms of public comments about it.  The same is true for industry wide standards such as magazine data management.  The current magazine standards have been in place for around four years.  Only two software companies have met those standards for the full four years – ourselves and Computerlink in Queensland.

Newsagents rely of their software providors to keep their businesses current and competitive.  Software companies which do not maintain current standards let their customers and themselves down.  They do this because they don’t understand the standards or because they are too cheap to do the best for their customers.