Even though we like to think of ourselves as different from other software companies in the vertical markets in which we operate, we are realistic to know that small business retailers in these markets will tend to judge us by their experience with others.  This is one reason software companies have an obligation to each other to deliver excellent software and to back this with excellent service. 

Bad software or bad service from another software company tarnishes all of us.

I saw this first-hand yesterday when approached by a retailer enquiring about switching to our software.  They called us on the back of a bad experience with existing software.  It turns out that an automatic software update was applied which contained serious bugs which took several days to resolve – primarily because the software company was in denial.  They had a similar experience a few months ago.

Thanks to these past experiences, we have to go further to prove we are different to this prospective customer.  While I am happy to do that, I am sure the business owner will remain skeptical for some time after we install the system, if they buy from us, because this other company let them down so badly.  There will be others who have heard the story and not consider buying a computer system because of the trouble ‘they’ are.

I am glad the retailer got to us.  A better outcome would have been for their original software company to do the job properly.