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New newspaper home delivery software options

Click here to see an article we were asked to write about our new newspaper home delivery software.  Using the new software, it is very easy for distribution newsagents – who handle the newspaper home delivery – to have multiple payment points.  From these payment points, the customer relationship can be easily managed.

The cost of the payment point software is low, making it economically viable for distribution newsagents to provide a high degree of service for a minimal investment.  The retail newsagent benefits from customer trafffic and an efficient way to manage customer requests.

We have some personal experience with this as we use software developed by another software company in our newsagency.  This is the software which the distribution newsagent uses.  It is dreadful.  We are glad to have an option to compare.

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  1. We have purchased 2 territories recently. As Mark points out in his article, there are newsagents who wish to become retail only, and others who wish to become distribution only. I think at some stage in the future we will become distribution only, but for now we still have our small retail outlet along with 4 distribution territories, and have been talking to some of our neighbours about buying more.

    I would encourage all newsagents to consider what they want to be – retail or distribution. I can’t speak for the dynamics of newsagents except for outer suburban Melbourne, but in my experience you need to grow your business to survive. It is hard to do justice to both the retail and distribution sides of the business, especially if you are not big and profitable enough to employ sufficient staff to allow you to take time out of your business. If you are a large retail outlet with a small number of home deliveries, then your time is probably better spent growing the retail side of your business, instead of wasting time on home deliveries.

    We have the Tower payment point option, and have found it works well. I have not seen other providers, so have nothing to compare it to. We get complaints from subagents as they are unable to access the system. To fix this, make sure that they know how to log out properly, otherwise they have 1 session open which they cannot access, which then blocks them from opening a second session. The other complaint is in relation to speed. While they blame us, one subagent found the speed dramatically increased when they upgraded their internet from dial up to braodband, while the other we suspect it is their computer’s capacity.

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