Heatwave hurts retail hardware

The heatwave in Victoria and South Australia this week is taking its toll on computer hardware running in retail businesses. In some areas, rolling blackouts have been a challenge for retailers without appropriate battery backup and power filtering precautions. In other cases, heat inside the shop of 45 degrees Celsius and more is too much for the computers to remain stable.  Here is advice we have published to our user community to help:

  1. Ensure there is good ventilation. Clear out unnecessary papers and other junk crammed around the hardware.
  2. If the computer is in a very hot place and is acting in an unstable way, consider training a small fan to circulate air. Do not remove the cover because most boxes are designed for optimum airflow over important components with the cover on.
  3. Place something under the case to lift it off the ground or shelf (but keep it stable) to improve airflow.
  4. Reduce internal dust. Turn everything off, unplug the computer box, remove the cover, blow out dust, place the cover back on.
  5. You will have more water around for drinking – be careful. Computers do not like to drink.
  6. Don’t have too many devices running off the one socket.
  7. Use a battery backup to deliver clean power in the event of a blackout or power spike. We sell these.

The heat problem is compounded in some situations by a considerable build up of dust in the computers.  Some preventative measures would have stopped this in most cases.

In our offices it is not too bad since we have airconditioning.  However, late today it was struggling – mainly because we have so many (warm) people in the office.

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