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Streamlining retail sales with Tyro Integrated EFTPOS

Tyro is saving our retail users, including our own retail businesses, time and money with a better credit, debit, gift and loyalty solution.

Integrated EFTPOS means the point of sale device communicates directly with the EFTPOS terminal, reducing internal fraud and keystroke errors.

Tyro’s unique internet-based platform will improve your workflow and loweryour costs with:

  • Speed and efficiency (transaction time less than 4 seconds)
  • Low operational costs (no phone line, no admin fees, free paper rolls)
  • Low integration set up costs
  • Low merchant service fees
  • Reduced internal and shop front fraud
  • Secure, real-time online reporting

yro gives retailers a choice away from the big banks and we like the competition this drives.  You don’t have to change your existing banking relationship to join Tyro.

The Tower Systems / Tyro integration offers improved efficiency and accuracy – as we are seeing ourselves in our own retail businesses.  yes, we used this ourselves to prove its worth first.

For more information or a free savings analysis, call Tyro on 02-8907 1751 or email sales@tyro.com.

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  1. tyro is great … no cords with wireless version and no clashing with the fax … we share between two terminals with no problemss at all … also good being able to check over the net if a transaction has processed correctly. how does it help with loyalty? we use tower’s loyalty software.

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