I am in the middle of a trip around the country this week covering six capital cities in five days. This kind of trip is as valuable as a retailer spending time at the counter serving customers. Outside of the formal workshop presentations there are conversations about business, our software and our services, what exists and what could be – with customers and with people who use other software.

I am grateful for the opportunity of these conversations which are invaluable in shaping our business. The experiencing is demonstrating the value of dialogue between software and existing and ponential customer.  But not formal business meeting dialogue – no, this is dialogue about business with software in the background.

Even though the sessions I am running are not about our software, in the first two days I have already picked up some excellent ideas on how we can enhance our software to add more value.

The other aspect of this contact which is exhilarating is the opportunity to bridge the software and the business in which it serves. The sessions, like others we have run, connect some dots and show how software backed by a passionate commitment to the user community can leap out of a user manual or a technical training session and become genuinely useful and relevant for a business owner.

This is what unlocks the reverse opportunity and it is through this that we unlock opportunities for more points of difference.