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Helping unsupported users catch up

We have a program of assistance for users who have an old version of our software and want to catch up to the latest version. This includes training assistance as well as consideration on the cost of catching up. We manage this process outside our usual help desk service given that we could be working with a version of software that is some years old.  Our goal is to make the process easy and data safe.

Since software support is not mandatory with Tower Systems, some of our users do allow the coverage to lapse. Rather than leaving these businesses behind, our catch-up service makes getting current again achievable.

Our policy of not forcing our customers to pay a support fee to keep the software working helps us win more customers.



  1. It never ceases to amaze me that people refuse to pay support fees but when things go wrong otr the system no longer can keep up they cry poor me, just the same when people do pay insurance fees but want a hand out if something goes wrong.
    Its good to see that you charge these people to get back up to speed, as people like me who pay our support fees should not have to carry these type of people.
    Computers and software needs constant updating and tweeking to remain updated so pay up and move on.
    I’m sorry if it sounds harse but people need to be responsible for their own choices, if you want to save a few bucks on support fees then I would charge you an arm and a leg to get the same service as the rest of us that pay the fees.


  2. I work for Tower. I run Tower in my newsagencies. I pay full support. I don’t get discounts – I pay the same as everyone else.

    I get quite frustrated when people expect to be “looked after” when they don’t pay for support. The fees that Tower charge are far more than reasonable for the services that they offer. This is a fraction of other software companies charge whether it be in this industry or others.


  3. luke Scott , as a small business owner i could not afford to do it , as last year cash was short so i decided that i will have to do with out for the year and pick it up next time round . Scott i was repsponsible for my own choices i was not complaining about price and i would say this would be a drama for a lot of agents ,so might be good for you to get off that high horse you are riding and remember not all agents have the big shops to make the big turn over and some of us do struggle ….


  4. Last year, we increased our support price for the first time in six years. This year, in our annual review two weeks ago, we rolled the price increase back. This is another way we are trying to help our small business user community.


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