More free online training in POS software this week

Below is our schedule of free online training this coming week.  This training is part of the Tower Training Academy curriculum.  We have enhanced the value to our users by including a process through which we check that what we have presented has been learned and can be used.

  • Former POS Solutions Users – Helping Ease the Transition 3/03/2009 11am
  • Point Of Sale Training 3/03/2009 2pm
  • Magazine Management Workshop 5/03/2009 11am
  • Home Deliveries and Customer Management 5/03/2009 2pm

The training for POS Solutions users switching has been created to serve the influx of POS Solutions newsagent users switching to Tower Systems.

Access to this training is free for our users.  All that is needed is a computer with broadband and a phone for a toll-free call for sound.  Book online at our website.

We started 2009 with a consistent and diversified range of online training – much of this featuring new content.  Customer feedback tells us that this is appreciated as it enables owners and employees to access training for a much lower time and travel cost.  We are also seeing excellent feedback after the events – customers contacting us to thank our team for the new knowledge and, often, time saved.

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