Scripts stifle good customer service

A supplier to newsagents recently started sending data with errors to newsagents. When the newsagents called their customer contact centre their operators would point them to their software providers, including Tower Systems, with the inference that we are to blame for the problem.

Rather than fixing their data problem, poor management of calls meant that bad advice was being given and our newsagent users were blaming us.

The supplier customer contact centre uses scripts. They do this to deliver consistent advice. The problem is that these scripts do not facilitate a logical assessment of some calls – such as the one involving their bad data – and can lead to their blaming, however subtle, of others for their problem.

When people call our Help Desk our team does not follow scripts. We prefer the human approach. We have real people, listening to real questions, providing real advice for the specific situation.

Unlike the supplier, our team considers and investigates each call. This results in genuine resolution. The most common complaint about the supplier is that they do not genuinely resolve many issues.

While our approach to customer service is more expensive and harder to manage, the customer outcome is better. Certainly, the supplier would have discovered that the problem was of their own doing and could be fixed internally. This would have helped all concerned.

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