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The company book club

We have a book club of sorts within Tower Systems.  If someone in our company reads a book which they consider relevant to our business then we share it around, often purchasing the hardcover, a couple of audio book copies and a download or two.

We are not too formal in our approach, often talking through the course of business about learnings from the book.

Right now, eight of us are on the same book – probably one of the most exciting and relevant in recent years.  I am particularly excited hearing comments from people as they move through the book.  I especially like the challenges to our traditional business model.  This is what the ‘book club’ is all about – pursuing change within our business model.

We are cynical about business books.  Some of us have read too many which are a waste of time.  Occasionally, as is the case at the moment, a book comes along which you can read and re-read because of the usefulness and challenges of the content.



  1. And the book is?? I’m guessing ‘What Would Google Do?’


  2. It is Ken. There have been plenty of others. WWGD has attracted more internal interest.


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