We are finding our software selected more and more by convenience store operators.  We entered this marketplace through newsagents switching to more of a convenience model.  Now, we find ourselves selling to convenience operators in their own right.  What convenience store owners and staff like about our software is:

  • Speed.  We make selling fast.  This is crucial in c-store businesses.
  • Ease of use.  Someone can learn our point of sale screen in a few minutes.  It is intuitive for a sales person.
  • Accuracy.  We track everything by barcode or touch screen button.
  • Business analysis.  Good c-store operators need to understand more than what sold and when.  Our software takes them into the basket so that adjacencies and other opportunities can be leveraged for greater efficiency.
  • Security.  Staff can access what they have permission to access.  We have excellent security around data and provide good checks and balances over cash management.

While these benefits are available in our software for each marketplace, they are of particular importance to our convenience store customers.