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Jury duty frustration

While I appreciate the importance of jury duty in our justice system, it is frustrating to have a senior manager, idle, in a holding room waiting two days to be considered and then to be empanelled on a five day case. Beyond funding the seven man-day loss, there is the disruption to the business. While I don’t know what the answer is, I do know that the current approach to jury duty is in need of an overhaul.


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  1. I have just been through the jury duty fiasco yet again. The issue is this. You get called up to do you civic duty (Blar, blar, blar….) only to find that you spend a day sitting in a depressing room with about 100 other bored people and then when the day is shot you are told that you are no longer required. Clearly you are only there at the whim of some lawyer and/or bureaucrat who lacks common decency and who couldn’t care less about the inconvenience or cost to others. I maintain that it would be absurdly simple to decide if a jury was needed before people were actually called.

    This has happened to me three times. I have been called a total of four times now and have not yet made it into the court.

    Something should be done.


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