I have revised How to choose the right software for your newsagency, a guide which outlines what to look for in software for your newsagency and what to look for in the company from which you purchase the software.  I felt compelled to revise the document because of some work I have been doing with a newsagent this week who is in difficulty as a result of problems related to his software – not our software thankfully.

A software company relationship can be make or break for a newsagency. The right software will help your business genuinely save time, make better business decisions and increase sales. The wrong software will cost you time, hide the right business decisions and become a barrier to growth.

The Australian newsagency channel has many businesses being held back by the wrong software. There are also many newsagencies being held back by software being used poorly.

Years ago I decided we would be the best. This decision has subsequently framed every business decision we have made. Everything we do within tower Systems pursues our position as the best software company for newsagents. I do mean everything – from the people we hire to software changes we implement to training we deliver.

We obsess about being the best because we know that doing this will deliver the best outcomes for our customers and that this, in turn, will deliver what we want out of our business.