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Access POS continues to dupe newsagents

access_pos.JPGAccess POS, the NSW software company serving newsagents, continues to pay Google to come up in searches when people type in Tower Systems.  Their ad has Tower Systems in the headline yet has nothing to do with Tower Systems.  This would be laughable if they were not paying money to pass themselves off as Tower Systems.  Google, unfortunately, refuses to act.  Access has lost more than 40 of their users in recent times to Tower Systems.

Why blog about this?  Well, by blogging it gets indexed by Google and hopefully goes some way toward mitigating the damage done by the Access paid ads.


  1. It clearly result in http://www.towersystems.com.au when you search on google with keyword of Tower Systems.

  2. if you did a google search when the blog post was posted, you would’ve seen Access Pos as the first link.

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