Improving product presentation with price tickets

forchino_buggy.JPGThis buggy by renowned Argentinean artist Guillermo Forchino sells for around $300.  It it one of many beautiful and comic pieces by him.  Our customers selling this and other similarly-priced gift and jewellery lines cannot price these in the usual way.  They need a price ticket which reflects the quality and value of the item.  We have such high-end price tickets in our suite of pricing options – this comes from serving in a variety of different yet curiously complimentary marketplaces.  At the very high end, we have silver and gold price tickets which can connect to the product without sticking to the surface.  The price tickets themselves are of a quality which respects the product and shows a care by the retailer for the item.

Our software supports a range of price ticket options from the low cost sticker type to the high end butterfly slimline type which we would suggest for the Forchino piece.  This flexibility is reflected elsewhere in our software.  It demonstrates how we can evolve with our customers.

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