The business building meeting with users

We have been talking about our next round of face to face user meetings – they will commence in the first week of May and run the whole month – and especially about the content.  We like to deliver something extra, beyond what you would usually expect from a software company user meeting.

Our plan for this next round of meetings is to use them a roll-your-sleeves-up business building sessions.  This will help our users in a valuable and practical way.  We will announce the specific content next week.

We have concentrated considerable effort over the last year in developing the business analysis and advisory skills of our team so that they can offer another view of the performance of a business running our software.  We have also worked closely with suppliers to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of helping our users better interface with suppliers.

This next round of user meetings will provide an opportunity to put that to practical use and, hopefully, encourage our users to achieve money saving advances.

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