News Ltd late Friday afternoon announced major changes to the distribution of Alpha, Australia’s top selling men’s monthly magazine.  News cut newsagent margin by 40% and is taking over home delivery sales won by newsagents over the last three years.

Tower Systems is committed to helping newsagents make the right business decisions through this.  Our newsagency POS software helps is in the form of guidance:

  • Our Title Detail Report shows the breadth of commercial activity for Alpha.
  • The 10×10 Report shows what sells with Alpha.
  • The Magazine Sell Through Rates Report shows the sell through performance of Alpha.
  • The Magazine Cashflow Report shows the cashflow impact of Alpha on the business.

While we have other reports in our software, those listed will be the most useful for newsagents wanting to assess the impact of this move by News Ltd.

We will help Tower Newsagents produce reports from their data.  We will assess these reports and help newsagents develop a view of the economic cost of the decision by News.

We consider the move by News Ltd to be unjust and unfair against hardworking small businesses, businesses which have played a key role in making Alpha what it is today.

We are affected by this decision as we own newsagencies too.