Second-hand good software for beta release

Our new second-hand goods software facility will be placed into beta release with our next software update – due in April.  Helping retailers meet the regulatory requirements for handling second-hand goods, this module is set to save many of our customers significant time and money.

Based on feedback, we know it will serve a broad cross-section of marketplaces – handling second-hand goods is not limited to one or two retail channels.

The initial release is a true beta.  That is, it will be bumpy.  This is a completely new area for us and while we have consulted widely – including regulators in various states – there will be areas of handling second-hand goods which we have not addressed as well as we might.

We need to get the beta release out so that we get good in-the-field feedback.  Our commitment is to quickly respond to feedback and release updates to ensure that the final commercial release is truly valuable.

In addition to serving customers already in the second-hand space, we anticipate that this new software will invite others to consider second-hand goods as a new category for their business.

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