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Helping rid newsagents of old DOS software

There are under 300 newsagents left running DOS software and the newsagency industry is working together to help them switch to Windows technology. The three magazine distributors have got together and put incentives on the table to demonstrate the economic value of moving to Windows. The jointly owned EDI platform, XchangeIT, has made the future of DOS clear – it is dead.

For our part, we have created a DOS upgrade package which makes the transition affordable. We have sweetened this with payment terms. The real value of our offer, however, is the community which awaits the DOS users. With 200 having made the move before they there are plenty of wise heads with tips and suggestions for unlearning the old and learning the new.

We understand that computers can be a challenge for some. The management changes we announced yesterday bring customer service into tighter focus, especially non tech-jargon customer service.

We will do everything possible to help newsagents using old DOS software to make the move on time and in a way which does not disrupt their business.

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  1. I know this is a very old post , but we are a newsagents still using DOS and wondering how to finally move with the times. Are you still in the business ? We would be interested in how to go about upgrading

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