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IBM cuts tea service

The Australian reported yesterday that IBM has advised staff worldwide that the company will no longer fund coffee and tea for staff. We are happy to continue to offer a good range of coffees and teas to help keep our team sustained during their busy days.


  1. Funny, when you think of why a company like IBM would provide coffee and tea it in the first place. Caffeine helps productivity. Not having to leave the office throughout the day to get your caffeine also helps productivity. Not sure if their shareholders would agree with their decision. Though I’m sure their accountants were patting themselves on the back.

    When it comes to skimping on customers though, I heard that Qantas, possibly during the last recession, cut supply of one olive in each of their first class salads. They saved $40,000 over the course of a year. I guess this time they couldn’t cut another, so they just cut staff.

  2. Andrew, that story is something of an urban myth.I first heard it over 20 years ago, only the airline in question was American Airlines.

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