Our core business is software.  While we offer hardware and software packages, we are equally happy to sell just our software along with appropriate training and support services.

Our one request when we do not sell the hardware is that the right hardware is supplied.  That is, hardware which is appropriate to the needs of the retailer installing our POS software.

To ensure that the right hardware is supplied we provide written specifications including model numbers for certain devices as required.  We also provide access to our hardware experts to answer any questions.  All of this is free for the local hardware provider.

If problems do arise and they are due to not following our advice we expect the hardware supplier to carry the cost.  This is where things can get messy because they are friends or neighbours with reputations to protect. We deal with these rare situations in a consistent way: tell the truth, present the evidence and agree on a solution.

We understand the importance of supporting other businesses in one’s community.  Hence our attention to making it easier for our customers to source hardware locally and with certainty.