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Easy bulk price changes

bulk_prince_change.jpgThe bulk price changes facility in our point of sale software is popular with our users. It enables the easy and accurate handling of bulk price changes based on a range of connected criteria. Specifically, our bulk price changes facility allows our users to change prices of a group of items at once without the need to change each item individually. The grouping can be all items for a supplier, all items for a department, all items containing a keyword, all items containing a mixture of keywords or a mixture of these.  Searching is easy and the items to be changed are displayed on the screen – for a final check before the changes are made.   The bulk change is displayed and can then be manually changed item by item if you wish before being applied to the stock database for live use.

This is not a new facility in our software.  I am blogging about it today because one of our users just discovered it and has fallen in love with its flexibility.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger copy of the screenshot.



  1. It looks great .. but I cant find it. Where should I look?


  2. Follow the advice sheet G38 Bulk Price Changes in the Tower Advantage™ section of the website or contact Tower Support



  3. OK MY mistake it is not for ordinary POS but only the systems with full stock control.


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