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Jump in retail eftpos transactions

We have heard from several retailers over the last week that they are experiencing an increase in eftpos transactions..  In two cases, the value of eftpos transactions has doubled this year compared to last year.  The increase can be tracked to ease of processing. By making eftpos processing easier and negotiating lower rates for our customers we have made it a more appealing payment method compared to the labour intensive and risk prone cash.  While I also think that the economy is playing a role here, support from retail business owners (as a result of ease of use) is a crucial factor.

With further enhancements anticipated in this area I can only see eftpos transactions growing further.



  1. Agree,

    We have gone from one EFTPOS to three and we have more than doubled our throughput and customer satisfaction. Having it integrated to the POS also has eliminated errors.


  2. This trend has increased significantly in recent times since the introduction of new ATM fees. More customers are choosing to get cash-out with the EFTPOS transaction to avoid the fees.


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