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Newsagents can easily handle multiple payment points

payment_point_setup.jpgUsing the pay point facility in our newsagency management software, newspaper distribution newsagents are able to have retail newsagents receive payments, enter delivery stops and starts, answer customer questions and enter new newspaper subscriptions from their businesses.  One distribution newsagency could have, for example, twenty retail newsagencies acting as their payment points using our software.  Delivery and payment management are a breeze.

The screen on the left is part of the back office management process which oversees use of pay point.  Using this screen, the distribution newsagent is able to control what each retail newsagent is able to do at their specific location.

Our retail and distribution newsagent users love our pay point facility as it helps retailers retain traffic and distributors better service their customers.  It is a key piece of technology in helping newsagents navigate structural change in their channel.

We have offered this enhanced pay point facility for more than a year – under the radar.  Other software suppliers will need to play in this space to remain relevant.



  1. Pos solutions say you are copying them with your payment point software. See their blog.


  2. Gary, POS has a history of saying things like this. Bernard’s blog tries to suggest that I copied him on a blog post yesterday. He misses this post from May and others. As I tell him in our private email communication, he should focus as much on his business as he focuses on Tower Systems.


  3. I had a look at the blog from pos and i left a reply but Bernard must not have liked it as he did not post my reply ,he emailed me wanting to know which newsagent i was from before he would post it . I look at both blog sites mainly for ideas i couldn’t really care less who was first at what or who copys who .


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