pay_point_newsagent.jpgNewsagents have asked for more information about our pay point newspaper home delivery payment solution following my blog post yesterday. Click on the image to see the customer screen. In front of the customer screen is the actual payment box which pops up when you indicate you want to do a payment for the customer.

The options make this flexible – pay until a date, pay last statement, pay any amount.

From this helpful screen, the employee at the pay point location can also answer customer questions about past payments, delivery details and newspaper stop / start information. This enables the pay point location to offer full customer service. Our own experience, in one of our own retail newsagencies, shows that anything less is no solution at all for the newspaper home delivery customer, the retail newsagent and the distribution newsagent.

Newspaper publishers have told us they like the flexibility in our pay point solution and that it satisfies their needs in the areas of newspaper subscriber customer service, payment tracking and change request reporting.

While we like our pay point facilities, we will not rest on our laurels.  We will continue to innovate and help retail and distribution newsagents work closely together to deliver excellent customer service to their shared customers.