We have kept this innovation announcement under wraps but now we are into our user meeting series we can share what we have been telling our customers confidentially for the last ten days. In a week or so we will release an update to our software which provides a range of innovations around Google Maps.

Using our software, our users will be able to view where customers are drawn from – on a Google Map.  Retailers can see how far their marketing reaches and how far word of mouth reaches – in a few moments in their computer without having to hire market research experts.  how great is that!  Independent retailers will be able to make some excellent business decisions based on this excellent view of their business.

From the customer screen, our users will be able to hit a button and see where a customer is located, on a Google Map. When we preview this we hear excitement from our customers – this is real innovation available at the retail counter!

There is plenty more innovation around this, all designed to give our customers smart ways to better understand their customers without having to spend any more money.  We are releasing our Google maps interface facilities in our next update without additional cost to our Tower Advantage TM customers.