loyalty1.jpgOur loyalty marketing facilities are easy to setup and change for just about any kind of retail business.  The screen to the left is the main setup screen.  This is used to manage the how points are accrued and redeemed.  Our users can also control acceptable methods of payment for accrual of points along with other options to be used. Users can determine how many points are accrued per dollar spent and how many points are required for each dollar redeemed.

Our approach to loyalty is such that we make it easy for our retail customers to experiment with this as a marketing tool for growing the business. We have some excellent success stories.

Crucially, our loyalty facilities track the items purchased by customers in each visit – this is where great loyalty systems really help retailers build stronger businesses. Knowing what a loyal customer purchases and how often can facilitate excellent business building decisions.

We are discussing enhancements to our loyalty software and certainly welcome suggestions from our community.