Years ago we released our email support service for users of our retail management software, offering to answer simple questions by email.  We have added to this support via questions lodged through our website.  Each day, via email and our website, we receive support questions which are handled as lower priority queries.  This means they are usually handled within three or four hours.

While we do not commit to weekend coverage, we do handle email queries.  Two emailes already handled this morning – Saturday.  Several on our team handle email queries.  We are pleased to have another communication channel open outside usual business hours through which we can help our customers get the most from their software.

Email support is usually about helping one of our  customers find the function they want for a specific purpose.  If it goes beyond a simple query, we pick up the phone.

While email is so yesterday to many, in the small business world it is an important and often time saving way of doing business.  We are happy to support that.