At this time each year we offer a free review service to retailers using our point of sale software.  This review consists of us loading a backup of their data and performing an analysis of how well our software is being used and the performance of the business.

Often, the process unlocks a helpful view of the business for the owner – we have received terrific feedback which has led to on-going discussions and work on the business with the owner.

We find this process useful as it provides us with a good insight into how our software is used – or not as the case may be.  Either way, it is useful for us.

The service is free and is another example of the value of the exclusive Tower Advantage TM program at work.  The Tower Advantage TM is an exclusive suite of services available to users of our retail management software at no cost to hlep drive better business outcomes from proper use of the software.

We take these extra steps because we know that independent retailers need more than software, they need understanding, encouragement and context.  We provide these because we are retailers too and understand their needs.