How valuable is postcode data to retailers?

We are helping several retailers analyse sales by postcode for their businesses. The results are truly fascinating.

In one case we are tracking the success of external marketing – for the first time this business can see results directly tied to a recent consumer focused letterbox campaign. This is enabling an accurate assessment of the return on investment in marketing.

In another case we are tracking the word of mouth spread relating to a new product being carried by the business. They are able to track sales and geographic spread of this new product compared to another new product introduced into the business.

Postcode sales data, laid alongside basket and other sales data from a retail business can provide a more useful of the performance of products and categories. We are grateful for opportunities to work with our customers to help them unlock the value of this data.

These experiences add to our understanding of what we can achieve through better data cultivation.  They also show that postcode data is tremendously valuable to retailers.

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  1. Craig Lawlor

    Mark, i believe the postcode data is one of the best initiatives in your software for some time. I wait with anticipation on the migration of the initiative to better identify what products are being purchased by the different postcodes within our adjoining areas. Both strengths and weaknesses can then be identified as well as success with marketing programs. A move to targetted marketing as oppossed to broad brushing will lead to greater success.


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