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XchangeIT magazine returns trial performing well

We are participating with Network Services in a pilot of the new XchangeIT new platform. This pilot is running well based on feedback we have received including this:

We have just sent a whole month of returns – Current & Supplemental (Early & Late) And It WORKED. Within 2 minutes 4 emails came flying back from Network giving all the credits, $$$ Values and an exception report for 4 magazines that were rejected. Not bad when considering it is our COMPLETE June Recalls 145current and 792supplemental magazines.

Logging in to Net Online and it took me straight to the Exception and Confirmation page where it showed all the Supplemental returns and the $$ Value. For a Supplemental claim of $4,250.45 from Retailer’s Returns Form we received $4,238.17. NOT BAD… I wouldn’t go looking for the $12 but it may be a cost price issue discrepancy with Retailer?

Well Done Tower, XchangeIt and Network. The Pilot looks like a Success!

Our development, testing and support teams have worked hard to bring this long-sought innovation to newsagents.  The time saving and cash-flow benefits will be considerable.



  1. Mark, this is fantastic news. Any word on when the link will become live for all Tower users?


  2. Shayne once we’re through the trial it will start rolling. The distributors will control this timing. We’re keen as mustard as they say.


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