Through our online training workshops, benchmark studies and business coaching service we proactively help retailers leverage better value from their point of sale data.  Our view is that there is no point in using a point of sale system if you do not make the most of the data it gathers for your business.

Good POS data is useful because it provides an emotion-free view of the health of the business.

We have seen some successful turnarounds over the last year from businesses which have followed the data and not the emotion.  We are pleased to have been part of this.

Our role in such consultations is to analyse the business through a variety of views available through our point of sale software.  We seek out the stock items which are not performing.  If they are not paying their way through revenue or traffic generation then they serve little purpose for the business.

When we sit with a customer and step them through what we see, the response is often one of surprise that the data shows this or that.  We like that because the surprise is often leveraged into seeking out more training and implementing an action plan to become more data driven.

We take this role we play in bringing data to the fore in business decision making seriously.  We have seen the value play out many times.  When this happens we benefit by creating a new evangelist for what we do.