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Comparing newsagency software labels

label_comparison.jpgMagazine labels are one way newsagents compare software systems.  While we support printing labels one-up on a roll, our recommended medium is labels on a sheet.  Click on the image for a better view of our laser printed label compared to a label printed on a thermal roll from the POS Solutions software.

Better labels is one reason three times more newsagents partner with Tower Systems than POS Solutions.  Compare the labels for yourself.

We recently compared the price of our labels and here is what we found:

Tower Labels – A4 labels:
A4 Sheets with 65 per page
No seperate printer required
$143.00 per 1000 pages = 14c per page of 65 or $0.0022 per label
This pricing is current, and includes delivery charges

POS Solutions Labels Thermal Labels:
$295.35 for 50 rolls of 750 labels each = $5.91 per roll, or $0.0079
Require a seperate label printer – an added cost
Pricing is from the POS website yesterday

Around 90% of our users print on laser labels and 10% print on thermal labels.



  1. Mark has this always been the price , for some reason we buy our stickers else where and i presume we do this because they are cheaper but now after reading this i have been paying more than twice the price @32c a lable ,can you let me know if this is the price always or just a special .
    thanks shaun


  2. Shaun, it has been the price for at least two years.


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