Training is vitally important in helping retail business owners and their employees get the most from their POS software. Indeed, it is essential.

Good training can make the difference between the POS software being used as a glorified cash register and genuinely helping drive the business. This is why we run a comprehensive online training program it is also why access to this is free – including a toll free call to access live audio content.  We will gladly provide training long after we install our software.  The benefits are valuable.

The commercial outcomes from good training are:

  • Better business decisions.  Rather than ordering stock on gut feel, you can order based on what is selling.
  • Faster business decisions.  Rather than waiting for an accountant to analyse a business you can for your own view based on reports you can access in no time.
  • A healthier bottom line.  Better and faster decisions help you make more money.
  • An easier business to sell.  A more easily run business is appealing to buyers.
  • Less time challenges for the business owners.  Using the technology to control more of the business means the owners can find free time for other things.

We see these valuable outcomes ourselves in our own retail businesses.  We can practically show the benefits.

Accessing training is also a key strategy for helping to turn a retail business around.

Our commitment to training is as strong as ever.  We will deliver 300 online workshops this year and more than 150 face to face group sessions around Australia.

The Tower Systems Training Program is another example of the Tower Advantage TM in action.