tyro_swivel_base.JPGOur gift shop Point of Sale software provides access to an integrated eftpos solution which cuts mistakes, improves the customer experience and makes handling eftpos sales faster.  It saves money too – the Tyro broadband eftpos rates we have for our POS software user community are excellent.  The swivel base eftpos pin pad we recommend is popular with customers too – it is easy to use and most secure. We use Tyro and this swivel base pin pad in our own gift shops and so have our own personal experience from which to draw. It sits in the same location on the counter and is easily turned to a customer for PIN entry and back to the staff for processing.

Rather than using a separate bank terminal for eftpos, our integrated solution helps gift shop owners cut significant banking costs and processing delays from their businesses.  This is another way we help our gift shop customers improve the return they get from their software investment.