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Beware of FREE POS Software

We are seeing more software companies selling software with an annual licence fee.  This is hidden in the fine print of an offer which proclaims FREE POS and Magazine Management Software.  The claim is misleading since the software is not free.  After the first year of installation there is an annual licence fee.  If you don’t pay the licence fee, the software stops working.  This is usually when we get to change the system over to us.

At Tower Systems we charge for software once, up front.  If our customers don;t want supportin the future they can continue using the software as long as they wish.  There are no additional mandatory fees.

We do not lock our customers out from accessing their data.

Beware of  the offer of FREE POS Software as it is probably not free.


  1. The advantage of pay as you go though is that they don’t have to shell out $$$ up front, and if after 6 months aren’t happy with the software can get out without a great loss.

  2. Jim, I’d agree if you could easily get access to your data and if there was complete openness about the required annual fee prior to signing a contraact for the system. From what I hear, this is not always the case.

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