We are proud to be supporting newsagents by sponsoring the Queensland Newsagents’ Federation Far North Queensland conferences in Townsville on Sunday just gone and Cairns today.  Our sponsorship, and that of other suppliers, goes toward the cost of hosting the events for the QNF.  It also enables more local newsagents to participate in the great day of learning and networking.

We have supported the newsagency channel for years by sponsoring events like this.  While I am happy for us to have the opportunity to ourselves, it speaks volumes that other newsagent software companies ignore the opportunity to show their support for their potential customers.

Newsagencies are community based businesses.  They rely on their local community for support.  Newsagent suppliers, too, are community based businesses.  We rely on newsagents for support and we owe it to newsagents to support their community.

There are some suppliers who ignore all requests for support from newsagent associations.  For that alone they do not deserve newsagent support.