Point of Sale software continues to evolve beyond the basic cash register functions we all considered were so smart twenty two years ago when released our first POS software.

The most significant development this year for Point of Sale software is integration. Integration with suppliers, banks, financial services providers, electronic products providers, data aggregators, EDI partners and others who can bring value to the sales counter in retail businesses.

We have ensured that Tower Systems excels at integration. From our development team to our help desk support, we have ensured that we provide a professional, easy to use and reliable integrated solution.

We have become expert at balancing the needs of multiple suppliers vying for oxygen on our POS and other retailer-focused platforms.

I am pleased to say that our work pays off by being brought in early on trials which ultimately benefit our large user base. We would rather experience the rocky challenges of a trial than find that opportunities are missed by us not being involved.

Yes, Point of Sale software today is more complex, more beneficial and more a whole-of-business solution than what we were playing with twenty two years ago.