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The national help desk

Thanks to smart phone technology users calling our help desk for assistance could find themselves connected with one of our experts in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. People in each of these offices are connected as if in the same location. This allows us to bring additional resources into the help desk function as call traffic demands.

While we swing calls across three cities, you’ll never find us process calls outside Australia. We will leave the Mumbai call centres to the banks and others who relentlessly chase cost reductions.


  1. Does this mean you will get a national number or will we continue to call the melbourne number??

  2. B, For several years now we have offered local Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane numbers for Monday through Saturday support.

  3. Where would I find these numbers? Am in Brisbane.

  4. B, in our weekly email, on our monthly print newsletter, on our latest orange support card.

  5. Hey Mark, found it on your support page – what a funny place for it to be!! ( Chuckle Chuckle) Thanks!!

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