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Easy selling of instant scratch tickets

Further to my post earlier this week, below is another example of touch screen buttons we have setup to make selling easier.  These touch buttons are for instant scratch tickets for our newsagent cutsomers in New South Wales.


While we would prefer to to make it easy for our customers to scan the scratch tickets, these touch buttons are just as fast.



  1. Chris Karapanagos

    11 September, 2009 at 7:12 PM

    Hi Mark, am having trouble locating the right instant scratchie logo when i try to assign it to a hotkey during my touchscreen setup procedure. Any ideas?


  2. Chris, Not sure waht you mean. If it is the logo you are looking for, take a photo of the scratchie and use that. If it is how to actually do it, tower has an advice sheet. Alternatively, support can help.


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