Gift Fairs are key buying occasions for gift shops and retailers offering gifts in other businesses. The challenge of Gift Fair buying is to not get caught up in the excitement of the fair and over commit.

Our Gift Shop reporting and stock management facilities help gift shop owners buy better at Gift Fairs. Beyond the traditional sales reporting, we offer category reporting and comparisons. This data is useful when considering new product for the business.

If existing product is being considered, then retailer can visit the trade show with a recommended order created by the software. This decision based on stock performance can help counter the excitement of the fair.

Helping gift shop owners and other retailers focus more on fact based buying usually releases cash in the business for return to the owners (as profit) or investment elsewhere in the business.

We have recently worked with several users of our POS software to help them prepare for a Gift Fair with the goals outlines above in mind. Together we made excellent progress which helped their business and enhanced our understanding of how we can help on such buying occasions.