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Update on XchangeIT data issues

We have been working with XchangeIT and magazine distributors on their data problems. Late today they passed on this information:

Given the number of issues we experienced this week with missing DD2 files, Network Services has opted to resend files as a back up to XChangeIT Link members only. This will result in many agents getting duplicate files, which they will need to be aware of. XChangeIT will send out a headline informing agents that we are sending out the DD2 files again and advising agents to not download them if already received.

Our support team can advise if there are issues handling duplicate files – the software handles this.



  1. With all due respects, this situation has now reached the farcical stage!

    I remain a staunch fan and supporter of any attempt to drag the industry into the 21st century but XIT’s efforts on this saga are now at the laughable stage.

    It is now 9.14pm and I am still waiting on files for this mornings deliveries – I HAVEN’T GOT THE BLOODY ORIGINALS LET ALONE HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT GETTING DUPLICATES – for Christ’s sake, when will we stop apologising for what is becoming a monumental fuck-up and start to push some of these bastards to deliver what we have paid for?


  2. Jim,

    We have been intimately across this for the last four days and while there is plenty I could write about blame, I won’t.

    What I will say is that on Thursday a major change was implemented to improve communication. This happened at the time the data file problem peaked so we have not seen the benefits of the change flow through – except that had the change not occurred we would all be worse off today.

    People are working on the problem over the weekend. We will pass on any update we receive.


  3. Nelson, From my intimate perspective I’d say you are wrong to blast Network. XchangeIT has been the key problem. The last week has been a shock for everyone and some decisions have been made to resolve the situation.


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