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Four retail software training opportunities this week

We are hosting another four free online training workshops this week. Thanks to the WebEx platform we use and our back end funding, there is no cost to access these live training opportunities. We even pay for the toll-free call for the sound. Here are the sessions available:

  • Magazine Management Workshop Sept. 1 11:00. This is the most popular training workshop we have ever run. Indeed, I’d suggest that more newsagents have done this training than any other industry training.
  • New Staff Member Training Sept 1, 14:00. We will train your new employees on the basis of our POS software – to help them better navigate the system and save you time.
  • Mastering Sub Agents Sept 3, 11:00. This session will cover everything about sub agents and our newsagency software from allocations to billing to recommended supply.
  • Point of Sale Training Sept 3, 2009 14:00 ideal training for all retail staff.

To book for any of these sessions, please go to our website click on support and click on online training. There, you will also see the course curriculum for the next month or so.

We will host more than 300 training workshops this year – a massive commitment to our customers and their employees.


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  1. I was wondering if it is possible to access any of your “advice sheets” in particular the training guide in a editable format. I have a number of older staff members who benefit from screen shots being included into their procedures. To date, I have just typed up the procedure and incorporated the screen shots as I go.

    Its no big issue, I will just continue to type everything.


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