Even though it is Saturday, we are on deck and helping users of our Point of Sale software with questions.  We are doing this today, like every Saturday, from our office as well as from a network of mobile phones carried by our technical support team up to myself as the owner of the business.

This weekend coverage is vitally important now more than ever with the number of innovation trials under way in newsagencies, a marketplace in which we serve in excess of 1,500 businesses.  The recent XChangeIT issues have left some newsagents twitchy so a confident voice on the end of the phone of the weekend can help to resolve issues.

On a usual Saturday we will process between 30 and 40 calls.  More than half are issues which could have waited but we are able to clear because we are open for business at a time which suits our retail partners.  This is good for them and good for us.

Our full service Saturday Help Desk is another way we demonstrate the Tower Advantage TM at work for our customers.