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Misinformation on XChangeIT Link

There has been considerable mis information published in recent days about the new XChangeIT Link platform.  Some newsagents and commentators are claiming that testing was inadequate and the trial site group too limited.

The truth is that the trial group was considerable.  The participants were decided by XChangeIT based on lists put forward by the software companies.  Smart software companies put forward lists which presented a variety of test sites.  While not all recommendations were acted upon, I’d suggest that some of those complaining should look at their software providor and review their trial site recommendation list.

What frustrates me the most some of the recent comments is that they claim XChangeIT Link is to blame for the EDI file problems experienced by newsagents late in August.  I laugh when I read what former engineers say as they beat their chests.  They are wrong.  These problems, around two months after the new XChangeIT link trials started, were not discovered in the testing despite exhaustive testing in a wide range of situations. They were problems which could not have been foreseen in the trials.

My biggest concern about the XChangeIT Link roll out has been around customer service from the XChangeIT Help Desk.  I am pleased with the way this is being addressed and am confident that, like other challenges along the way, a resolution will be found.

Rather than bitching about the trials, those on the sidelines might ask how they can help get more newsagents off the dead DOS technology and onto something current.


  1. Mark,

    Those who were not part of the trial but were encouraged to make the move by XchangeIT and the good reports coming through were frustrated when problems arose and they had no-one to turn to. That there were also problems within Network Services at the same time was not communicated by them or anyone else so for users to react the way they did was, I believe, understandable. The support at the time from both XchangeIT and Network was deplorable and had they taken the time to explain that there were multiple issues instead of finger-pointing and duck-shoving then perhaps users may have reacted differently.

    I am not sure if I fit the category of “former engineers beating their chests” but I stand what I say about stress testing and bottom line is, XchangeIT Link was not stress tested and to have the problem explained the way it was is laughable.

    As far as I am aware this is the first time anyone has explained that there were seperate issues at Network so thanks for that – it’s just a pity that it falls to a 3rd party to do so!

    As for XchangeIT Link, I personally see it as a huge step forward for the industry.

  2. Jim,

    No, I was not thinking of you when I wrote this.

    I have explained at my newsagency blog that the recent issues were Network caused.

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