For some time I have wanted to change the slug line we use under our company name on marketing collateral.  Better Software. Better Service. This has been our pitch for more than ten years. Every idea we considered didn’t feel right to me.  They didn’t feel as genuine as I was looking for.

Then, two weeks ago, we developed:


This is aspirational and reflective of the experience for many inside and outside the business all at once.  I spoke with a range of people and the phrase tested well.  The feedback was that it is truthful.

Everything we do has to support this pitch.  Our software, support, sales presentations and training sessions.  They all must support our belief that life is good with us and for those who partner with us.

People want a good life.  We understand this and through our software and our service contact we will do everything possible to help them achieve this. We want life to be good too.  Our desires and the desires of our customers and our prospects are unified in this regard.